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Just a note to update you as I continue along my path which you helped me find. I've come a long way, and the further I go, the broader the path becomes and the brighter the light shines as I continue to grow. What an opposite and comfortable change for me after three wars, 72 military war ribbons and medals, and 36 years of military through the ranks from private, to West Point, to Colonel. I am writing you to thank you for all that you taught me in your NLP Level One and your Practitioner Course.

In July, 1 completed my Master's certification. I am now teaching applicable portions of NLP here at Rockwell, where I am Training Manager, as well as doing seminars at UTEP on communication using NLP rapport techniques. I am also working with the NLP support group here in El Paso and doing assistant training with our NLP Level One and Practitioner Course in El Paso. In addition, I am developing extensive NLP course work for the handicap groups in El Paso: the Lighthouse for the Blind, the Association for the Deaf, and other handicap groups in El Paso. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for me. The project is being sponsored by our facility at their request as part of our community support program. My "NLP Help Center" for the underprivileged, which I put in my Time Line, is on its way. It's as if the gift was placed in my left hand. Things are just happening! How wonderful it is! See what you started! Thanks!

Back to my purpose in writing. While attending Tad James' "Creating Your Future" in Dallas, I put the Master's Course in my Time Line (as well as my five-year NLP Help Center goal). At that time, I talked with you regarding redoing the Practitioner Course with Tad James prior to tackling the Master's. You told me then that it would be unnecessary. "You will know what you need to know even though you might not know you know when you finish the Practitioner Course." (paraphrased)

Well, when I reached Hawaii and met my 90 classmates, I reflected on what you told me and taught me. You had planted it all firmly in place. Never during the entire Master's Course did I feel lost at any time. In fact, I frequently found myself with a better NLP foundation than most of my classmates who had done their advanced work with other teachers. Needless to say, the Master's Course was most rewarding, for I had the foundation you gave me on which to build. Thanks to you, NLP Learning Systems, my numerous classmates (and those in the future) who helped me along the way. This is not a paid commercial. It is simply my testimony to you and your teaching and your guidance. My sincere thanks for being there at the right time, with the right messages, given in the right way and in the right dosages to change my life forever.

You are models for me to emulate. You were never on a pedestal preaching. You came down in the mud with this old infantryman to lift me up. You will see me often in Dallas taking advanced studies with you and NLP Learning Systems. You know it and you do it right!

Thanks always, Colonel James E. Crow (USA-Ret)