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Master Practitioner Certification Training

This fifteen day program brings to you master trainers, each an expert in their specific area of NLP; paced at one three day weekend per month over a five month period. Satisfactory completion of this program leads to certification as a master practitioner of NLP. This program meets the standards set forth and is accredited through, the International Association of NLP and the Society of NLP, two of the worlds oldest and most respected NLP Associations. In this intensive program you will learn how to be a master at the arts of communication and persuasion. You will learn genius strategies and propulsion strategies. In addition, you will experience the language patterns of Dr. Milton Erickson and how to use these patterns to conversationally encourage change.

SESSION 1: "Meta Programs, Values and Beliefs"
Meta Programs are the filters which determine how a person's personality is created. By understanding these filters, a communicator can package their own language in ways that match and pace the unconscious mind of the listener. This creates levels of influence and rapport in powerful and meaningful ways. Values and Beliefs are the filters that determine how Meta Programs are arranged to support our realities. Learn how to find those values and beliefs that limit performance, and resolve any conflicts to build congruency in thought and behaviors. Learn also how to change beliefs and re-orient values in ways that contribute to the achievement of outcomes.

SESSION 2: "It's All in Your Mind...and How You Use It!"
Submodalities make up the actual fiber of a persons subjective world. As William Shakespeare tells us "First to thine own self be true", learn how these mini-patterns of the visual, auditory and kinesthetic modes of thought make up our perception and knowing. Build compelling futures and change procrastination into motivation while learning how to take conscious control of your unconscious mind. Also learn how to use directional language patterns to change the thought patterns and experiences of your listeners. Learn how to change and adjust your own language to change and adjust the experience of those who are receiving your communications.

SESSION 3: "The Language Patterns of Dr. Milton Erickson"
Establish direction through indirection developing understanding through experience. From rapport building to reframing, from voice play to word play, from Trojan horses to embedded suggestions you will enjoy a guided tour into the incredibly rich world of communication through language patterns. These patterns have been shown to be priceless in helping others discover and use resources within themselves that have not previously been available.

SESSION 4: "Going For It - The Art of Mastery"
Learn propulsion strategies of genius faculties, values for excellence, advanced strategy work as you develop the qualities of mastery in self as well as for others. Model the skills, abilities and beliefs of the masters of change arts in healing, psychology and business. Create quantum leaps in consciousness and mastery of your own internal states along the way.

SESSION 5: "The Art of Re-Languaging" with Christina Hall
Learn the dramatic shifts in perceptions and consciousness that can be created through the combination of language and tonal punctuation skills which create for you new realms of possibility with one of your primary tools for communication--language. With these tools learn how to reshape perceptions, yours as well as others and operate with a fuller range of choices.

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