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12 Hour Belief Change Workshop

The Serious Explanation

This highly experiential workshop is designed to bring into focus limiting beliefs and then modify those beliefs to enhance performance and behaviors. As we grow and experience our worlds, we formulate beliefs that support our realities. Some of our beliefs enhance us as individuals and enrich our lives. Other beliefs limit our potential and create doubts and fears in our lives. Learn how beliefs are formed and experience the power of NLP as a means to transform limitations and enhance potential, becoming the very best you can be. This is not a program about learning NLP, it is rather a program designed for you to learn about yourself and in this process transcend limitations and expand potential.

  • Uncover self limiting beliefs and change them
  • Re-program the old tapes and patterns that run you at the sub-conscious level
  • Meet yourself on a whole new level
  • Expand your flexibility and create more choice in your life



The Lighter Side

Graduates always laugh and ask, "How can we call this program the 12 Hour when it’s really twenty-four hours and has beneficial residual effects that go on for years afterwards?"

Many students call this the best program and best value we offer because of the low tuition, massive shifts and lasting positive benefits that you will discover when you decide to take this class now. The 12 Hour is designed for you to get in touch with how self-limiting beliefs were originally developed and installed in your past. We then do the NLP change work necessary to dissolve these blocks and create and install new empowering beliefs and changes. Imagine having everything you thought you would when you were young and full of dreams. What if you could have that now? Would you take this class if you think it might make some of those dreams possible again? Each of us has that area of our lives where we would like to have more success.Experience yourself taking this class and you have more success now. The 12 Hour is a very personal, private experience where you will get to know yourself in an up-close and personal way which can lead to exciting and far-reaching changes. It’s safe…only you know what you’re working on.

Please contact us with your questions about the workshop and to enroll.